Wonderful ida

Videographer & Social Strategist

Working with brands that promote the positive empowerment

of women and indigenous communities.

Empower Your Message with Impactful Videos

You have a powerful story to tell.

Brands that uplift women and celebrate indigenous communities make a tangible difference every day.

But to truly grow your reach and impact, your story needs to be seen and heard in the right light.

Without the right strategy and visual narrative, even the most inspiring stories can go unheard.

Strategic Vertical Coverage

In today's fast-paced digital era, staying current is everything. The pressure to not only showcase the day but also to have a bank of content for the weeks ahead can be daunting.

With Ida's expertise, not only do you get real-time coverage that dazzles, but you also secure a treasure trove of content tailored to your marketing needs for the entire month ahead. Say goodbye to generic content and hello to strategic, impactful visuals that resonate with your audience and amplify your brand's voice.

Why Choose Vertical Coverage with Wonderful Ida?

Real-Time Coverage: Capture the magic as it unfolds, ensuring your audience feels every moment, and you get a chance to enjoy it without worrying about capturing content.

Strategic Insight: With Ida's social strategy prowess, every clip, every image aligns with your brand's larger narrative.

A Month Ahead: Go beyond the shoot with a curated collection of content, tailor-made to support your marketing endeavours.

Read What They're Saying About Wonderful ida!

"I have worked with Ida on multiple events and projects and she has created the most incredible video shorts that I have been able to repurpose again and again on social media. Ida is also such a joy to work with and clearly understands the vision behind each unique project. I highly recommend Ida's work to anyone who wants to elevate their brand with video"

Danielle Wiebe

Business Babe Collective

"BlueShore Financial has partnered with ‘Wonderful Ida’ on multiple video projects over the past several years to help us engage and inform our employees. Ida is incredibly flexible, proactive, professional and creative in every project. She brings a positive energy and commitment to quality into the production, filming and editing process. Thank you, Ida"

Martha Fallon

Digital Communications Coordinator at

BlueShore Financial

"Ida has helped us create our first, second and third online courses and it was a blast to work with her! We pulled some long days, but Ida works efficiently and, best of all, helps make it fun. The videos always turn out great - her editing style matches what we're trying to convey really well, and the turnaround is super fast. If you want professional quality video content that looks great and is fun to create , then definitely call Ida!"

Carla Smith

Roller Skate Club

"Ida and her team provided support to edit our YouTube videos and content for our group program. With her help and feedback our video process became more standardized and we had the ability to create more videos and increase our video presence. Ida also took the time to give feedback and help us improve our camera presence so our production process became more seamless . Thank you!"

Libby Rothschild

Dietitian Boss

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Hi! I'm Wonderful ida.

Me in a nutshell...

  • Run a Video Production Business with my Husband

  • Started posting weekly to YouTube in March 2020

  • Television Broadcasting Graduate

  • Worked in the Movie Industry

  • Started my business primarily offering photography

I've produced 100+ video projects and have worked with small businesses, non-for-profits organizations and corporations spreading their message through video.

Meet Wonderful ida

Ida's content creation journey started with a passion for film photography, which naturally evolved into video production. After studying Television Broadcasting at Mohawk College, she founded Wonderful Ida, focusing on building a diverse portfolio for local tourism.

Moving to Vancouver, Ida immersed herself in the women empowerment movement, collaborating with inspiring organizations such as Minerva, Dress for Success, Association of Women in Finance and Vancouver Business Babes.

During the Covid era, Ida shifted her focus to herself, launching a YouTube channel where she educates others about video production. She consistently creates engaging content, forming genuine connections and collaborating with organizations to utilize video storytelling for impactful change. Ida's journey is driven by the profound influence of storytelling through her camera's lens.

As a family business, we understand the importance of a fulfilling life beyond work.

Let us take care of your storytelling, while you focus on making a difference.

In a world that's constantly evolving, it can be challenging to communicate your organization's voice in a way that strikes the hearts of your audience.

That's where we step in. Wonderful Ida is dedicated to helping businesses like yours in converting their complex work into powerful, captivating stories that make a real impact.


Here's a little something to get you started. Download our free guide, "From Start to Story: A Beginner's Guide to Corporate Storytelling and Video Marketing" and embark on your journey of powerful storytelling.

"The best thing is that the progress is measurable and that at the end of the course my channel was set up, I had my video recorded, edited and ready for publishing! Everything was done and ready and I felt motivated to just continue doing what I learned."


Let us take care of your storytelling, while you focus on making a difference.

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