I’m Wonderful Ida.

Are you a Service Provider or Entrepreneur who is ready to start using video to create more sales, have a larger impact, all while building a business that makes a difference? 

Distant education is growing fast! Digital courses allow you to share your knowledge while creating a passive income stream. You’re ready to film your digital course, however when it comes to creating videos, you feel lost and have no idea where to start.

How can we work together?

I can film & edit
your digital course.
I can coach you while you film your digital course and then edit it for you.
I can Host, film & edit your digital course.
I can edit your videos. 

Hi, I’m Wonderful Ida.

I’m a Digital Course Video Producer.
I teach and offer Video Production to Service Providers and Entrepreneurs so that they can leverage their knowledge to generate revenue while building a business that makes an impact. 

Ida has helped us create our first, second and third online courses and it was a blast to work with her! We pulled some long days, but Ida works efficiently and, best of all, helps make it fun. The videos always turn out great – her editing style matches what we’re trying to convey really well, and the turnaround is super fast. If you want professional quality video content that looks great and is fun to create, then definitely call Ida!

Carla Smith

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Are you interested in improving your videos? Check out these FREE resources.

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Zoom Gear Guide 

Now that we are all on Zoom, we want to look our best and stand out from the rest. Not sure what to get? Download my guide!


Keywords are a great way of getting targeted views to your videos.  Keep all your keywords in one place for when you need them. 

Video Gear Guide

 I created this guide to save you from waisting money on things you don’t need like I did at first, and it will also help you learn what to invest in. 

Quick Guide to Filming Yourself

 If you are ready to start creating videos but feel lost when it comes to filming yourself, then I have the perfect course for you.  In this free 20 minute course, you will learn about the gear you will need, what to do before filming, how to set up your shoot, and how to edit your videos.  I've also included a gear list and a video prompt list as a special bonus just for you! 


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Below is what the students had to say about my Quick Guide to Filming Yourself. 

"Considering that this course was free (amazing!), it contained a lot of great information to support the newbie in filming themselves. Very helpful and informative."

"Thank you for this course Ida. It gives me a launching pad for how to get started when it comes to making videos (which has always been something I have found really intimidating, especially the lighting)."

"Took away the fear of filming by breaking down all the pieces in a way that finally makes sense. Love the course and love Ida's quirkiness!"

I value growth and self development, which is why I support organizations that empower women.
Below are some of the videos that I’ve produced.

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