The Wonderful ida team consists of me, ida. And my partner in life and business, Ryan.

We met while in college. Ryan was studying Animation and I was in Television Broadcasting.

For the longest time Wonderful ida was just ida, but in 2018 we officially turned it into a family business, and in September 2021, on our 10th anniversary, we hosted our virtual wedding for family and friends. Below is our first song!

Together we work towards our strengths.

My strengths are shooting, organization, producing, and graphic design. I’m the face of Wonderful ida. You’ll see me in our youtube videos and online courses. I’m what Ryan calls, the driving force. And not just cuz I prefer to do most of the driving.

Ryan’s strengths are video editing, animation, toy photography, and drone operating. Ryan is the best kind of weird. He comes up with interesting ideas, is extremely patient and is a great storyteller.

Ryan saw the growth I experience on my YouTube channel and in 2022 he launched his own channel.

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