Our workshops will guide you through creative and fun ideas for photos projects that will get you thinking of photography in a new way. Geared towards artists of any skill level, we use a hands-on approach to help you improve your technique and style. 

You don’t need the most expensive camera to take quality pictures. Techniques such as composition, lighting, and editing are skills you can use with any camera, from your DSRL to your smartphone.

I’ve admired Ida’s photography for some time, so when I saw that she was holding a workshop I immediately signed myself up! My main goal was to feel comfortable in the manual setting, and try to make my favourite hobby a little more interesting. She taught me functions that I never knew my camera could do. She’s very interactive and creative when it comes to teaching, which I think is what really helped me learn and prefer manual photography. Two days with Ida made my pictures look so better, and has even gotten me a few jobs!

Monica Knechtel

Former Student

Upcoming Workshop: The Photography Challenge

This workshop is great for photographers of any level, with any camera (including a phone camera). In this two day class, you will be challenged to shoot unique photos. This class is a great way to start off the summer by challenging yourself to get creative with your photography.

When and Where:  June 23 & 24 in Vancouver

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Our workshops focus on lighting, composition, colour profiles, technical elements (aperture, shutter speed, and ISO). We work with you to educate you on these elements and show how to use these elements to create images you can be proud of. We have options for group workshops which will allow for collaboration with other artists, allowing for shared work.

Group workshops are where more general skills are taught and allows for an introduction of basic skills. If you find these workshops useful we offer private lessons, in person or via video chat, which focus more on your personal growth and are geared towards your unique needs. We also offer team building group sessions privately for companies who want their employees to grow as brand ambassadors and assisting them to continue the companies brand consistency

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We know it's difficult to do everything ourselves that is why we are here to help you bring your film or business to the next level.