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Congratulations! You just hosted a superb event and the guests loved it! Your photographer has just sent over the beautiful photos, so now what? What do you do with your event

Simply sharing the images on Facebook and waiting for people to respond is no longer enough. We all live busy lives but we’re not all glued to our Facebook pages event second of the day, waiting for people to share things. When you do add your photos to Facebook, I highly suggest tagging your guest in them. By doing this, your photos might also appear on their profiles (if the approve the image, or allow all tags on their profile) and it’s a great way for their friends to see and learn about your event.

Add them to your Website

Sharing the event images on your website is another great way for your potential clients to get to know you better. They will see you and your guests in action. Share candid shots of you behind the scenes or at work doing what you love. Your viewers will relate to these shots more than ones that are more forced or staged. The more personal you are with your clientele, the more likely they are to share images and get the word out about your event. So, don’t be shy! 

Email them to your Guests

Send your guests an email to thank them for attending your event, and also attach that amazing photo that you have of them.
Better yet, print that photo and put it in a frame to send it by mail. If you send the photo already framed, it increases the chances of them putting it up on display as the work is already done for them. Sending photos to your honoured guests, sponsors and supporters will help strengthen that bond you might already have with them, plus they will have a reminder of why they like your events.

Share photos on your Social Feeds

Your event photos are great for your social feeds, as long as you don’t post them all at once. Pick the images that you resinate with most, and save the rest to use later. These other photos will be great to use in your marketing materials for when you host your next event.


Okay, so you printed photos, framed them and sent them out. Now what? Don’t forget to celebrate the event yourself.
Print a photo for yourself and hang it up as a reminder of the incredible event you just pulled off.

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