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When you start using video for your business it can be hard to come up with video ideas that will attract the right kind of clients. Every business needs to know about these video ideas that can help you amplify your message. 

You are passionate about what you do, and you want to share your passion with the world.

Video is your way to share your passion with the world. Hope this video ideas help guide you and give you ideas of what to do for your next video.

People like buying from people. Knowing the story behind the product or service they purchase helps them build pride. I’m not sure about you, but I will go out of my way to get a products who’s message I stand behind and I’m typically willing to pay more because of our shared vision. If you make any video start with your why!

If you have the same question come up over and over when dealing with customers it’s easier to share a video than answer the same question. Bonus if it’s a question that frequently gets asked it’s probably keyword heavy and others will have the same question. This allows you to show up as an authority on that topic. 

Creating a program or workshop highlight video allows the viewer to see what to expect from one of your programs or workshop. Adding interviews to your video is a great way to share about the type of experiences you could expect at the event. It’s best to ask transformational questions such as how did they feel before attending the workshop, how has the workshop changed or transformed their life.


These videos show what your business does to help give back to the community. It gives you a cause to stand by, it communicates a vision that is bigger than the business itself.

Getting your customers to talk about their experience with you helps build credibility. Sharing unique stories you help share the possibilities that are available why working with you. Try to have at least one testimonial or review for each product or service that you offer. 

I’ve prepared a Video Terminology Cheat Sheet for you so you can quickly download it and view the terms anywhere. To download your free Video Terminology Cheat Sheet click here for the link.