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Video Production

If you have your digital course idea, but know that someone could really bring your video to life, we offer video production to help you create your videos from start to finish. One of our strengths is organization and we work with you to create a production plan that is unique to your project. We provide all the gear including; lighting, camera, camera stabilization, audio, and a teleprompter in case you need it. When it comes to Post Production, our services include; video editing, colour correction, use of royalty free music, graphics, motion graphics and audio.  Each project is unique, so pricing is broken down by category.

“Ida has helped us create our first, second and third online courses and it was a blast to work with her! We pulled some long days, but Ida works efficiently and, best of all, helps make it fun. The videos always turn out great – her editing style matches what we’re trying to convey really well, and the turnaround is super fast. If you want professional quality video content that looks great and is fun to create, then definitely call Ida!”

Carla Smith
Rolla Skate Club


 Are you ready to start filming your digital course but feel lost and overwhelmed with the process, and have no idea where to start? I offer clarity to clients who are seeking video coaching by breaking down their project into smaller pieces that are manageable. During our session I can help you figure out the gear you need, coach you as you build your set, help you come up with keywords and video ideas, show you how to improve your lighting or camera set up, and any other video related help you may need. 


So, now that you have filmed your digital course, do you feel stressed out that you have to edit? We can help! We will edit your videos for you, so let us take care of the work!  First, let’s see if we are a good fit for each other by doing a sample edit. Afterwards, we can review the sample video together to make sure you like our approach.  If you are happy with it, you can start sending us your videos regularly and we will edit them as they arrive. We can edit your clips, colour correct them, add graphics, animate your graphics and logo, adjust your audio and do basic visual effects. We keep track of our hours and tasks completed on a spreadsheet from which we build out monthly invoices.

“Ida and her team provide support to edit our YouTube videos and content for our group program. With her help and feedback our video process became more standardized and we had the ability to create more videos and increase our video presence. Ida also took the time to give feedback and help us improve our camera presence so our production process became more seamless. Thank you!”

Libby Rothschild

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