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The thing I like most about OptaDerm is that they do things differently, and that is why I was happy to work with them on their photo and video project. 

How is OptaDerm different? 

For starters OptaDerm’s founder Dean Richard Johansson is both a chemist and a laser service provider. He saw a need for high quality skin care products at an affordable price and rose to the challenge. Dean Richard listens to the concerns his clinic patients and creates products that solve their unique issues and makes them available to all. 

How were we able to help OptaDerm? 

The team at OptaDerm was getting similar questions about their services, and instead of spending hours answering similar questions they decided to answer their questions with a video.  As a result new clients were sent a copy of the video and when it was time for them to come in for their European Facial they knew exactly what to expect. 

Along with creating videos we were able to capture photos which are great for social media. 

To view their products and to learn more about OptaDerm click here to visit their website. 

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