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Hervana Vancouver celebrated the first anniversary of their female only co-working space located in the heart of Vancouver. In the past year I have had the pleasure to learn, grow, and develop my skills at Hervana as the in house photographer and videographer.  Durning my partnership I have no only improved my technical skills, but have also grown my confidence. Being surrounded by like minded business women who are there to support you has made a huge impact on how I do business. Meredith has an amazing way of showing her support and encouraging her clients to walk the talk by giving them opportunities to share their skills with her community. 

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One of my biggest takeaways from my time at Hervana is the importance of community. Having a community of kick ass female entrepreneurs who are there to show their support has been transformational in my confidence. If you are new to business, or are ready to take the leap from side hustle to full time entrepreneur than Hervana is the place for you. You will be welcome by a group of women that want to help you along your journey through a combination of their workshops, talks, and clubs.  



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