You've Been Talking About Starting A YouTube Channel For How Long? Does The Dread Of Having To Learn; Scripting, Lighting, Audio, Editing, Graphics, etc. Overwhelm You To The Extent That You Never Get Started?

When I first Started My YouTube Channel I Overthought The Process So Much That It Took Me Over 2 Years To Publish A Video.

The Problem Was I

Didn't Know ....

  • How To Get Over My Fear Of Talking To Camera

  • What to Make My Videos About

  • How To Script My Videos

  • How To Turn My Tiny Apartment Into A YouTube Studio

  • How To Light My YouTube Videos

  • How To Make Graphics For My Videos

  • How To Edit For YouTube

  • How To Make Engaging Thumbnails

You Don't Have To Figure This All Out On Your Own!

Starting A YouTube Channel Is Easier Than You Think. With The Right Guidance You Can Have Your First Video Ready In 6 Weeks.