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Take your events to the next level of looking awesome!
You’ll never use your event photos, right? Wrong! Your photos will be handy on your website, in your feed and for reasons you might not yet thought of. 

Your event is important and is worth remembering and sharing with your audience.  I know what to anticipate, and how to move around a room and take photos of people, without disrupting the event.

Here are some of my tips for what to keep in mind about your event photos.

Taylor and I have worked together a number of times on various projects. Here is what she has to say about the experience.
You’ll experience my 3 Step Method: Strategize, Shine, Share


This is where the fun begins. Share your ideas, we’ll strategize, and let me come up with a plan that will increase your results. 


Here is where you shine.
You’ll be comfortable with my easy going approach, and simple direction. I will capture you in your best light!




You will feel confident sharing your images with your community, while giving your clients more reason to work with you.

I’m constantly creating and growing my abilities. Hover over the images below to see some of the events I’ve worked on.

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