Wonderful Ida offers a variety of courses to help you build your authority and grow your business with the power of video. If you are lost when it comes to video, it’s best to get started with the Quick Guide to Filming Yourself, a FREE 20 minute course that covers all the basics you will need to know about video.

Quick Guide to Filming Yourself

 If you are ready to start creating videos but feel lost when it comes to filming yourself, then I have the perfect course for you.  In this free 20 minute course, you will learn about the gear you will need, what to do before filming, how to set up your shoot, and how to edit your videos.  I've also included a gear list and a video prompt list as a special bonus just for you! 


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Below is what the students had to say about my Quick Guide to Filming Yourself. 

"Considering that this course was free (amazing!), it contained a lot of great information to support the newbie in filming themselves. Very helpful and informative."

"Thank you for this course Ida. It gives me a launching pad for how to get started when it comes to making videos (which has always been something I have found really intimidating, especially the lighting)."

"Took away the fear of filming by breaking down all the pieces in a way that finally makes sense. Love the course and love Ida's quirkiness!"

What students are saying

Upcoming Courses

Video SEO – April 2021

In this course, you will learn how to come up with video topics that your ideal audience is searching for, which will help you show up in search results. Once you know how to come up with the ideas, you will learn how to script and upload your video so you can optimize it for specific keywords.

Video Editing – May 2021

In this course, you will learn how to edit your videos using DaVinci Resolve, a free editing software. In this class, we will cover how to edit your video clips, colour correcting, audio, subtitles, and how to export your video for different platforms. 

Filming an Application Video – June 2021

In this course, you will learn how to script, film and edit an application video.

Instagram Reels – July 2021

In this course, you will learn how to script, film and edit an instagram reels.

How to Teach an Online Course with no teaching experience – TBD

This course is designed for service providers and entreprenuers who are ready to share their knowledge by creating an online course. In this course, you will learn teaching techniques, course design, lesson design, assessing your course, and course maintenance.

How to Throw a Virtual Wedding – October 2021

This course is a compete guide for anyone wanting to throw a virtual wedding. You will learn how to come up with your timeline, how to plan a virtual Bachelor/Bachelorette Party, how to incorporate games into your event, and all the technical things you need to know to throw and unforgettable virtual wedding.