When photography is in your blood, you begin to see your surroundings as images waiting to be captured.

Ida grew up with a camera in her hands. Born in Poland and raised in Ontario, Ida inherited her father’s drive and thrill for life, as well as his love for photography.  Ida’s passion led her on travels around Canada and Europe; all the while developing and refining her “super-skills”. Then, she turned that thrill into skill through a mix of pursued opportunities and formal training in Media Studies and is now widely published in newspapers, websites, and promotional materials across Canada and beyond.  Ida continues to learn and aspire to become the best.; her can-do attitude is the driving force behind Wonderful Ida.

How did Ida get started in Photography?

Ida was first introduced to photography by her father; owner of Jan Art Photo, a successful wedding and family photographer based in Brantford, Ontario. At the age of 13, Ida started assisting her dad at weddings by bringing him film, holding reflectors, and helping set up shots. It wasn’t till digital cameras started to gain popularity in the early 2000s that Ida began to second-shoot for her dad. With a thirst for adventure, Ida grabbed her camera and started travelling the world on a quest to learn photography. When Ida returned to Brantford and opened her wedding and family photography business, Jan was there helping her often as her second shooter. Even though they currently live on opposite sides of the country Ida and her dad still shoot together whenever they get a chance. Their favorite place to shoot together will always be Niagara Falls.

Who inspires Ida?

Ida’s biggest inspiration is her grandmother, who still resides in Poland. Her grandma has taught her that no matter what life throws your way, you should always look for the good. At the age of 5 Ida moved to Canada, and at 25 she returned to Poland where she spent a year living with her grandma teaching herself photography while learning about Polish culture. In her most recent trip back to Poland Ida and her Grandmother collaborated to create a collection of images capturing the beauty of Polish forests. Ida would shoot, and her grandma helped her edit while giving her tips on how to make those images better.

Ida loves scouting new locations for photo shoots. Here are some locations that she has discovered in the Lower Mainland.

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