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Photography for me is not just a job, it is a way of life.
I love capturing genuine moments! What’s my trick? Easy! I sent up my shot by optimizing composition and lighting. Then, I wait. I love creating stories in my mind, and watching them enfold through my lens.

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A Few Fun Facts About Me!


I love exploring new places with my camera. On the weekend I’m often out explore new places collecting footage.

Media Studies

I completed my diploma in Media Studies at Mohawk College, and interned in CBC’s camera department.


When I have the chance I work on film set in the Grip department. I totally geek out while on set taking notes of the lighting set up. 


I’m obsessed with Podcasts. I listen to them every chance I get. If you are listening one you think I would like please share it with me!

A Quest to Find My Work

There is nothing more exciting than seeing your work printed and displayed in town. Vancouver doesn't normally get snow, but on the one day this year when we had a major snow fall (one big enough to close schools), I woke up early and drove across town for a shoot....

I’m constantly creating and growing my abilities. Hover over the images below to see some of the projects, and brands I’ve worked on.

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