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Hello, it’s me Ida. Nice to meet you!

You could describe me as someone who sees the glass as half full. I’ve always looked for the best in life. Capturing and sharing the beauty in the world inspires me to create.
Growing up in an artistic family, I was constantly taught to think differently. As an adult I expressed myself through photography and video. It didn’t matter what I was shooting as long as I could capture genuine moments and share the brighter side of life, I was happy.
In 2010 I made the leap to turn my passion into a career by studying Television Broadcasting at Mohawk college. In my three years there I learned about storytelling, and the technical aspects behind making better videos.
I had an opportunity to complete two internships at CBC. A general one learning all aspects of video, and a technical one in the camera department. 
Since graduating I continued to learn and expand my skills in various programs. Including: Grip Work for Digital Imaging and Film, Web Series Development, Public Relations, Scripting, Youtube for Bosses, Action Takers Clubs, and Women Leading the Way.
Empowering women is important to me and that is why I’ve partnered with Dress for Success, Minerva, Vancity Business Babes, and Hervana Vancouver. Helping them spread their message, while creating impactful content.

Now, I help organizations that make a social impact share their stories in an authentic, positive and fun way.

What’s it like to work with me?
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A Quest to Find My Work

There is nothing more exciting than seeing your work printed and displayed in town. Vancouver doesn't normally get snow, but on the one day this year when we had a major snow fall (one big enough to close schools), I woke up early and drove across town for a shoot....

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